Online Tools

by Zoran Ravić

 Image Tools

I often have to deal with large print-quality images, which I can't put on a web page, PDF document, or email without a huge hit to end user experience.

That's why I created a tool that lets me resize and compress a lot of images much faster than I could do manually in an image editing program.

I originally developed a much more simplified version of this tool for use in production websites where it's common for website managers to upload their best quality images and my job was to let them effortlessly manage their content.

For future versions of the tool I plan to add cropping out images, which is the one task I still commonly have to use another program for.

 PDF 2 Images

PDF documents are a common way to share presentations and visual content, with my job often involving presenting this content.

But to present it on a website I first have to get it in image format, so I ended up creating a flexible online tool that does just that.

It's inspired by a similar tool I made for our production website, which our clients use to create presentations of their products on our platform by simply uploading PDFs.

 SVG Textures

Because plain color backgrounds are boring.

This website lets people create custom SVG-s with interesting patterns.

I've made it available as an open source module that can easily be used in Browsers or in Node.js.
It can be used on it's own, but it also integrates well with frameworks like React.js.

The website is temporarily offline as I've originally targeted it at developers and tech-savvy individuals, but I've since decided to make it more user friendly.

For Developers

 Webpack Stats

The main goal of this project is to give developers all of the necessary info about their own project, because developing performant websites is hard without having a good insight into your build.

The tool features an elegant Sunburst Chart developed entirely in React, showcasing React's ability to handle user interactions with large and complex SVG-s, as well as my familiarity with the framework.